Performance of works in the field of forest protection

  • State forest pathology monitoring in forests not located on forest fund lands;
  • Forest pathology examinations, examination of foci of harmful organisms, destruction or suppression of the number of harmful organisms, including with the use of chemical preparations;
  • Design and implementation of forest protection measures;
  • Radiation survey of territories and forests that are not part of the forest fund lands and the establishment of a zone of their radioactive contamination;
  • Determination of the content of radionuclides in forest resources, soil( soil), atmospheric air, water bodies;
  • Development and implementation of preventive and rehabilitation measures in areas of radioactive contamination of forests;
  • Expertise in the field of forest protection, including forest pathology expertise, (assessment) of the sanitary and forest pathology state of forest stands, as well as forecasting the development of hotbeds of dangerous pests and diseases;
  • Identification (diagnosis) of the causes of weakening and (or) death of trees, forests and plantings, the causes of falling trees;
  • Measures for the destruction or suppression of the number of harmful organisms, treatment of plants with pesticides from pests and diseases of the forest, chemical treatment of unwanted vegetation;
  • Phytopathological examination of the soil, plants and conducting analyses in order to identify harmful organisms, determine their types and develop recommendations for preventive measures and measures to destroy or suppress the number of harmful organisms;
  • Collection, production and registration of collections of pests, damages, pathogens of forest diseases, herbariums.
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